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My name is Byron McDaniel. I am a proud resident of District 3 of Elbert County. My wife, Paige, and I have been happily married for 21 years.

I currently head corporate security for a multinational corporation. In this role, I oversee public safety, counterterrorism and cybersecurity programs, all while being responsible for multimillion dollar budgets.

For 35 years I have prided myself on service to others. Growing up in a rural area, I spent my formative years working ranches and learning the value of hard work.

As a young man, I volunteered as a firefighter for many years, ultimately being elected as Chief. This honor would be reconfirmed in 10 consecutive elections, in as many years. In this time, I also served as a police officer in a neighboring city. Working my way through the ranks, I became Chief of Police, where I served until being appointed as Director of Public Safety several years later.

I have received the Murphy Adkins Award for my hard work in creating an emergency management division for the city and leading the city to become the first storm ready community in the state and second in the nation. Additionally, I received the Amy Clayton Justice Achievement Award from the Governor for my work advocating for the rights of victims of violent crimes.

Of all my achievements, none make me prouder than my children. With a son serving in the US Navy and a daughter studying psychology with aspirations of becoming a family counselor, they have continued the tradition of services to others.

I am committed to protecting the Elbert County way of life, for ranchers and property owners alike. Water rights, controlled growth, protecting our elderly and helping provide a path for our youth are key!

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