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Dear Citizens of Elbert County, 


The ballots will be mailed soon, and its time to make your voices heard. In District 1, you will have a choice between three candidates listed, while in District 3, I am the sole candidate on the ballot. 

I am deeply humbled and appreciative of the trust and support you have placed in me so far. However, our journey is not over yet. 

I still need your vote in the primary election on June 25th for the position of commissioner for DISTRICT 3. Humbly and respectfully, I asked for your continued support by voting for me. Together, we can continue making Elbert County a great place to live both now and in the future. 

  • Protect our rural way of life by managing growth.

  • Protect our water and property rights.

  • Improve services for our elderly. 

  • Support public safety. 

  • Support our local business / buy and sell in Elbert County!

  • Support our road, bridge and other county employees who keep this county running daily! 

  • Protect our county schools by working with school board admin. 

  • Improving our building department process for our local people. 

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