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Dear Citizens of Elbert County,


After reading the latest article by Mr. Lemley published in our local papers, I found it to be disheartening and disingenuous. Therefore, I am taking this opportunity to share the truth with you, so you will have the correct information needed to vote for the right candidate.


A commissioner must be trustworthy and should not play word games to mislead citizens. As your representative, insinuating things shows weak leadership and divides our county. Let’s focus on the facts. Below are excerpts taken from the article, followed by my responses.


**Let’s elect someone who listens to the people**


The citizens of Elbert County, have made it clear that they want commissioners to address critical issues such as water management, new developments, enhanced programs for the elderly, public safety, and infrastructure improvements.


Additionally, at the assembly meeting, the people again spoke loudly and clearly, giving an astonishingly 70% of the caucus members' votes in my favor.


**Let’s elect someone that is self-funded and has no commitments to big donors**


I am very grateful for the overwhelming support from the people of Elbert County. I am committed to transparency, and all donations received are reported to the Secretary of State, as required by state statute, through my CPA. I am not beholden to any donors or special interests groups. 


**Let’s elect someone that will establish balance**

My opponent wants to redistrict Elbert County and segregate Simla and the lower (L). As your commissioner, I will represent all citizens of Elbert County equally.


**Let’s elect someone who understands agriculture**


While I do not currently own any cows, I grew up on a ranch and appreciate the value of livestock experience. I followed what I believed was God’s calling to help others in the community.


**Let’s Elect Someone Who Will Establish Balance**


My opponent wants to redistrict Elbert County and segregate Simila and the lower (L). As your commissioner, I will represent all citizens of Elbert County equally.


**Elect Someone Committed to Jesus Christ**


This is very important to me. To imply that I am not saved or dedicated to my Lord and Savior is bearing false witness. I have been saved and filled with the Holy Ghost since 1998. My family and I are active members of our church and have served in various ministries since 2005, including those for children with disabilities, safety, and security, to name a few.


**Elect Someone Dedicated to Elbert County**


I volunteered as a member of the county emergency operations, served as an HOA president, and utilized my contacts and experience to get FEMA to reassess the damage caused by recent floods to private businesses and homes.


In reality, we don't have time for foolish distraction’s if we are going to move this county forward. Rest assured, I am 100% committed and dedicated to the great people of Elbert County.


In closing, let’s elect somebody who is truly committed to the needs of Elbert County and its citizens. Thank you for your time and consideration.



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